Customers Opinions

Just a quick note to congratulate you on the implementation of Unipad...
It's quite unique and very very useful for viewing and editing data files here at work. We build large web sites with lots of utf-8 content, and unusual glyphs.
It's extreemly useful to be able to view these without having to worry about Windows Fonts etc...
I just wanted to say that I have found your program very useful. I am looking forward to version 1.0 with bi-directional capabilities.
UniPad looks great. Let me know when you get to 1.0, I will buy one.
It looks quite nice. Has a lot of potential.
First of all I would like to praise your software, which is a promising implementation of Unicode, well designed and thought.
It is very useful, fast, user friendly. Thank you.
I have just downloaded UniPad. Seems to be a fun product to use.
Firstly, nice to have something that actually works on a modest Windows 95 system without overload!
Nice product. I look forward to the real release.
At last, I got a plain-text, Unicode compliant editor.
It is nice to see someone offering a Unicode text editor.
I have been looking for a UTF-8 editor on the internet for six month now and was elated to find your UniPad product.
Your UniPad application is terrific! It is great to see an application for Windows that can handle Unicode the way it is supposed to be handled.
It's a brilliant little piece of software, thank you very much for writing it!
I just downloaded UniPad 0.93. I simply wanted to tell you that it is grrrreat stuff! Congratulations!
Just got here, downloaded, saw FAQ and think you do a great job.
I like your program. In a lot of ways it's cleaner than some editors I have used before.
I'd just like to say how pleased I was to find your excellent utility on your web site. It is exactly what I needed.
I used your product UniPad 0.93b. I found it nice and interesting.
Thanks for making the software I have wanted for years but never knew it was out there!