• The Old Babylonian Text Corpus (OBTC)
    The Old Babylonian Text Corpus (OBTC) comprises a large text database of the Old Babylonian Akkadian Language. All texts are available for full-text searching. In addition to providing an Old Babylonian Akkadian / English Dictionary, morphological forms in texts are also partially linked to the dictionary. The service includes unique searchable lists of Old Babylonian Signs as used in the autographies of selected period documents, letters and narrative texts. The work on the project is still in progress.
Tutorials Documents
  • Unicode Newline Guidelines
    Information about how to handle newline characters on different platforms (Unicode Technical Report #13).
  • Character Encoding Model
    Clarifies terms like repertoire, coded character set, character encoding scheme (Unicode Technical Report #17).
  • Unicode BMP Roadmap
    Roadmap to the Basic Multilingual Plane of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode (by Michael Everson).

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