News Archive

2001-09-15 Released version 0.96
  Support for Japanese (over 6000 Kanji). Additional scripts: Syriac, Thaana, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Lao, Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, KangXi Radicals, Ideographic Description Characters, CJK Symbols & Punctuation, Halfwidth & Fullwidth Forms (Japanese), Deseret, Plane 14 Tags.

2001-07-28 Released version 0.95e
  The file I/O routines have been changed because of a potential problem.

2001-07-23 Released version 0.95d
  This version fixes two serious bugs.

2001-07-04 Released version 0.95c
  Some bug fixes and glyph corrections.

2000-12-30 Released version 0.95
  New font engine (no up.fon anymore), support for Unicode planes 1 to 17, Hiragana and Katakana, several bug fixes and minor improvements.

2000-07-31 Released version 0.94
  Customizable keyboard layouts, tabulator support, improved command line support, Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode, updated to Unicode 3.0.

2000-04-05 Released version 0.93c
  Bug fixes, glyph corrections, attempt to fix the font installation problem.

2000-01-30 Released version 0.93b
  Maintenance release (new expiration date).

1999-11-17 Released version 0.93a
  Bug fixes, improved UTF-8 decoding, glyph corrections.

1999-09-27 Released version 0.93
  Fixed font, ISO-8859-11/13/14/15, KOI8-R support, glyphs for Georgian, bug fixes and other corrections.

  Published documentation of the UniPad keyboard layout definition file.

1999-06-22 Released version 0.92
  Undo/redo, fixed width font, "Copy As...", new conversion functions, mouse wheel support, bug fixes.

  UniPad FAQ. The UniPad Frequently Asked Questions are available.

1999-03-26 Released version 0.91
  Print support, character map, file history, bug fixes.