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Purchase Order

We accept orders on account only from established companies that have faxed us signed Purchase Orders on their company letterhead. We have given the customer the payment deadline of 30 days from purchase.

Use your company's purchase order form. All purchase order must include the following information so that we can process your order:
  • Purchase order number.
  • The product name. (e.g. "UniPad")
  • The number of units you wish to order.
  • The name to which the product should be licensed (Typically your full company name).
  • Your company's billing address and, if applicable, a different delivery address.
  • Contact name, phone number and fax number.
  • The e-mail address for the order confirmation and invoice and, if different, the e-mail address for delivery.
  • And the signature from an authorized person.

Send your porchase order via fax to:

  +1 (626) 737-1141

or mail to:

  Sharmahd Computing, Inc.
P.O. BOX 1572
Glendora, CA 91740-1572

If you have any questions regarding the Purchase Order, please call us.

  Voice: +1 (626) 737-1141
  Email: to Sales Departement

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