The tasklist is a database that contains all known bugs, problem reports, wishes, suggested and planned features regarding the Unicode editor SC UniPad. Click one of the following links to get a quick overview of the most important information in the database.

You can also use the following form to search the database by class, priority, status and keyword (see below for more information). By default you get all tasks. Please note that the keyword search is based on a sub-string match, e.g. "port" matches "exports", "portable", "viewport" and so on. Task IDs must be specified with exactly 5 digits.
Status  Class  Priority 
Task ID  Keyword 
Valid attributes:

planned An already planned feature, which will be implemented in the future
wish Wished feature suggested by a user (must be evaluated)
bug Severe problem (crash, data corruption, non-conforming behaviour, ...)
problem Non-severe problem, cosmetic issue, glyph problem
unknown No class assigned or unknown

low Low priority
normal Normal priority
high High priority (must be processed as soon as possible,)
unknown Priority not known yet or unassigned (further investigation may be required)

open Open, still pending (also if partially realised)
closed Normally closed (bug fixed, feature implemented, etc.) (released)
busy Implementation, bug fix, etc. is in progress (scheduled for next release)
obsolete Problem or feature is obsolete (because of redesign, solution by other means, etc.)
duplicate Duplication of an existing task (is kept)
rejected Suggested feature has been rejected (see the comments of the respective task for more information)
unknown Unknown status (may not be a task at all)