Supported Platforms
General Features Future
Full BiDi support (Hebrew, Arabic, Thaana, Syriac) Yes
Rendering of Arabic contextual forms Yes
Separated rendering of non-spacing marks Yes
Combined rendering of non-spacing marks No Yes (!)
Normalization (maximal decomposition) No Yes
Conversion to precomposed characters Yes Yes
Case conversion Yes
Surrogate support Yes
Printing Yes
Multi-level undo Yes
Attributed text No ?
Coloring/highlighting of formatting characters No Yes
Automatic file format detection Yes
Conversion of different line separators Yes
Clipboard support for Unicode Yes
Clipboard support for other character sets Yes
Send file as email attachment Yes
Handling of Formatting Characters
Fonts / Glyph Sets
Supported Languages
Formats / Encoding Schemes
Searching & Replacing
User Interface Languages
Character Input
Keyboard Layouts
Supported Unicode Characters
Character Sets (Import & Export)