Supported Platforms
General Features
Handling of Formatting Characters
Fonts / Glyph Sets
Supported Languages
Formats / Encoding Schemes
Searching & Replacing
User Interface Languages
Character Input
Keyboard Layouts
Supported Unicode Characters
Character Sets (Import & Export) Future
Unicode 1.0, 1.1 No ?
Private and user-defined encodings No Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-1 (Latin 1) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-2 (Latin 2) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-3 (Latin 3) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-4 (Latin 4) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-5 (Cyrillic) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-6 (Arabic) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-7 (Greek) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-8 (Hebrew) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-9 (Latin 5) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-10 (Latin 6) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-11 (Thai) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-13 (Latin 7) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-14 (Latin 8) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-15 (Latin 9) Yes
ISO/IEC-8859-16 (Latin 10) Yes
Windows CP-932 (Shift JIS) Yes
Windows CP-1250 (Central European) Yes
Windows CP-1251 (Cyrillic) Yes
Windows CP-1252 (West European) Yes
Windows CP-1253 (Greek) Yes
Windows CP-1254 (Turkish) Yes
Windows CP-1255 (Hebrew) Yes
Windows CP-1256 (Arabic) Yes
Windows CP-1257 (Baltic) Yes
Windows CP-1258 (Vietnamese) Yes
DOS CP-437 (Latin US) Yes
DOS CP-737 (Greek) Yes
DOS CP-775 (Baltic) Yes
DOS CP-850 (Latin 1) Yes
DOS CP-852 (Latin 2) Yes
DOS CP-855 (Cyrillic) Yes
DOS CP-857 (Turkish) Yes
DOS CP-860 (Portuguese) Yes
DOS CP-861 (Icelandic) Yes
DOS CP-862 (Hebrew) Yes
DOS CP-863 (Canadian French) Yes
DOS CP-864 (Arabic) Yes
DOS CP-865 (Nordic) Yes
DOS CP-866 (Cyrillic Russian) Yes
DOS CP-869 (Greek 2) Yes
DOS CP-874 (Thai) Yes
Macintosh Central European Yes
Macintosh Cyrillic Yes
Macintosh Greek Yes
Macintosh Icelandic Yes
Macintosh Roman Yes
Macintosh Symbol Yes
Macintosh Turkish Yes
KOI8-R (Cyrillic) Yes
KOI8-U (Cyrillic) Yes
EUC-KR (Korean) Yes
ISIRI-3342 (Persian) Yes
VNI (Vietnamese) Yes
VIQR (Vietnamese) Yes
TCVN (Vietnamese) Yes
VPS (Vietnamese) Yes
VISCII (Vietnamese) Yes
ARMSCII-8 (Armenian) Yes
GEOSTD8 (Georgian) Yes
TIS-620 (Thai) Yes
Big Five (Traditional Chinese) Yes
CNS 11643, EUC-TW (Traditional Chinese) Yes
GB 2312, EUC-CN (Simplified Chinese) Yes
JIS X 0208, EUC-JP (Japanese) Yes
GB 18030 (Chinese) No Yes