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UniPad Features Roadmap

The following table shows the features of the current release 1.20 of SC UniPad and the planned features for future versions. Features with high priority are marked with an exlamation mark (!).

Supported Platforms
General Features
Handling of Formatting Characters
Fonts / Glyph Sets
Supported Languages
Formats / Encoding Schemes
Searching & Replacing
User Interface Languages
Character Input 1.20 Future
Different keyboard layouts (see below) (more)
System keyboard layout Yes
Unicode character map Yes
Dead-key input method for accents Yes
East Asian input methods (IME) Yes
Hexadecimal input method Yes
User-definable keyboard layouts Yes
Character input from Unicode locales (e.g. Hindi) on Windows XP Yes
IME character input on non-Asian versions of Windows (e.g. Windows 2000 with East Asian language support) Yes
Direct Unicode character input from external programs (e.g. keyboard tools that send WM_UNICHAR messages) Yes
Keyboard Layouts
Supported Unicode Characters
Character Sets (Import & Export)

(!) This feature has high priority

(1) Supports all opening and closing punctuation
(2) Only for Arabic
(3) These characters are deprecated
(4) Due to platform restrictions, not all UniPad features are supported
(5) UniPad does not combine characters automatically
(6) Automatic visual combination of Hebrew accents is not supported
(7) UniPad does not support Syriac shaping, the nominal glyphs are displayed instead
(8) Contextual forms of those letters are not supported, nominal glyphs are displayed instead
(9) Automatic arrangement of jamo components as Hangul syllables is not supported
(10) Automatic visual combination of vowel marks/accents is not supported
(11) Vertical direction is not supported, characters are displayed from left to right instead
(12) Shaping behaviour (i. e. selection of glyph variants) is not supported

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