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U+0020 SPACE
Character Block Basic Latin 
General Category Zs:
Canonical Combining Class 0
Bidirectional Category WS:
Character Decomposition Mapping  
Decimal Digit Value  
Digit Value  
Numeric Value  
Mirrored No
10646 Comment Field  
Uppercase Mapping  
Lowercase Mapping  
Titlecase Mapping  
COMMENTsometimes considered a control code
COMMENTother space characters: U+2000-U+200A
CROSSREF(no-break space - U+00A0)
CROSSREF(zero width space - U+200B)
CROSSREF(word joiner - U+2060)
CROSSREF(ideographic space - U+3000)
CROSSREF(zero width no-break space - U+FEFF)

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