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Character Block Basic Latin 
General Category Po:
Canonical Combining Class 0
Bidirectional Category ON:
Character Decomposition Mapping  
Decimal Digit Value  
Digit Value  
Numeric Value  
Mirrored No
10646 Comment Field  
Uppercase Mapping  
Lowercase Mapping  
Titlecase Mapping  
COMMENTneutral (vertical), used as opening or closing quotation mark
COMMENTpreferred characters in English for paired quotation marks are U+201C & U+201D
CROSSREF(modifier letter double prime - U+02BA)
CROSSREF(combining double acute accent - U+030B)
CROSSREF(combining double vertical line above - U+030E)
CROSSREF(double prime - U+2033)
CROSSREF(ditto mark - U+3003)

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